Welcome to the Auchenblae Design & Build Blog.

Since this is our first blog we thought we would let you know about our design process and how this would work with you as our client.

Our clients are our focus

The client is our inspiration and at the heart of all our projects, it is Amanda’s job to extract what is important and most relevant, to ensure the design endures for many years to come.

Our passion is to see our clients happy, to see them beam with excitement and enthusiasm for the finished article.  Designing and building is nothing without the client relationship and journey, they make it all worthwhile for our internal happiness as human beings.

The Auchenblae design process

One – Get to know the client

First things first, we get to know the client.  We visit their home, have a look around and discuss in detail what they like to discover and what their true style is.  Understanding the person/people goes a long way to help create the design.

Two – Understand the space

Whether it is a space to be created or an existing one, it is imperative to know how it will be used practically, on a daily basis. Who will use it, what it will be used for and how it is to feel.

Three – Determine scope of works

Is there any requirement for statutory consent for building works and timescales for this, presentation size (samples/sketches or full drawn plans and sample boards), building works and timeline plus manufacturing, deliveries, and installations.

Four – Presentations

Once the plans, consents and designs have been completed, it is time to present to the client with an array of sample fabric and wallpaper books, catalogues and images. At this stage the design is still loose and able to grow organically.

Five – Confirmation of design

Once the design presentation is concluded and the final details agreed, a confirmation email and digital presentation will be sent out for a approval response from the client, to make sure they are 100% happy with their design.

Six – Quotation & phasing

It is at this stage we will put together a quote that represents all of the works to be carried out and if over a certain sum, we always provide a payment plan throughout the course of the project. We feel this gives our clients comfort in when the payments are expected and how to pay them.  In our projects that are two rooms plus, we provide a phasing plan, so that our clients can work their personal lives around the works.

Seven – Agree a start date

Once the finances and designs have both been thoroughly checked, reviewed, and confirmed, we will arrange a start date.  We will ask for personal items and objects of value to be removed from the spaces were work will be carried out.

Eight – Start on site

Brian will meet with the client on site and talk them through the week and introduce them to the people on site, so that our client always feel happy with everyone who is on site.

Nine – During works

Both Brian and Amanda will maintain good communication with the clients to ensure they know exactly the ‘what’s, where’s and why’s’ throughout. This is as standard.  We feel the better informed our clients are, the easier the process is for them.

Ten – The final clean

As part of our service, we hire a cleaning company to apply that final touch.  Our clients can then move straight into the space, without the stress of cleaning.

Eleven – Completion

Whether we are acquiring a completion certificate from building control or obtaining product information from our installers, we ensure that all boxes are ticked. Not only for safety reasons but also for a comprehensive handover pack to give the clients full confidence.

Twelve – Handover pack

On every project we will collect all information relating to products, installations and finishes to compile into an easy to read manual. This will tell you all the do’s and don’t’s for your new design in relation to cleaning, use and maintenance.  All drawings, from inception through to completion, including any amendments, will be collated and put into an easy to read format (with 3D images if they were requested).  All documentation relating to any given project will be the finishing section to this pack.  This is something you should retain with your deeds, as it helps with selling your home, if you choose to leave in the future.

Thirteen – Snagging

We pride ourselves on looking after our clients and we will look after our clients for as long as they need us. Even if the snagging is directly down to products, we will contact the supplier on their behalf, so that it is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We want you to be happy

On every project Amanda is project manager (from the office), ensuring all products both manufactured or ordered are delivered on time and in perfect condition.  She will liaise with the local authorities to have the consents approved and ensure quality control across the board.

Brian is the site manager and everything goes through him whilst the project is live, where he organises all trades, building deliveries and cleanliness control.  He also ensures site safety at all times to the clients first and foremost, but also for the team carrying out the works.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss anything that is in this blog or would like to talk through a project you are thinking about then please do not hesitate to contact Amanda today.