A dream kitchen at the heart of your home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We can all relate to that. So, it’s no surprise that, at Auchenblae Design and Build, many of our clients come to us looking for their dream kitchen. Although dream kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, the good news is that, in order to create your perfect kitchen, the same principles apply. With the right planning, preparation and design, we can help you create yours, no matter what you’re looking for.

What’s first?

Only you know exactly how you use your kitchen. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your kids need somewhere to spread out their homework?
  • Are you fond of baking?
  • Do you like to entertain in your kitchen?
  • Will you expect all the mod cons?

When it comes to planning, the functionality that defines your kitchen is unique to you. We will work with you to understand every element that your kitchen will be used for and create your perfect space.


We take the time to get to know you, to find out what makes you tick, to understand what your priorities are when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. It’s much easier for us to design the perfect space for you once we understand you and your particular style.


When it comes to designing the layout of your new kitchen, practicality is key. Most modern kitchens have zone areas; these might include a prep zone, a cooking zone, a storage zone and an eating zone. If you can incorporate a view of your outside space, then we recommend it. Another thing to consider is the interaction with your other spaces:

  • Is your living area open plan?
  • Do you want to be able to screen off your kitchen on occasion?
  • Can you create access to your garden?

You also need to consider maintenance, cleaning and upkeep. It’s an important consideration if your dream kitchen is going to stay that way!

Once we’re close to tying down your requirements, we determine the scope of works. For example, we’ll find out if you need statutory consent for building works, or if there are any kind of planning restrictions you need to be aware of when finalising your kitchen layout.

Realising your dream

So far so technical. Now for the fun part. Functionality doesn’t mean you have to kiss luxury goodbye. Thank goodness. When it comes to your kitchen, what statement are you hoping to make? Do you want a country kitchen? A Hamptons beach style design? Or a sleek, steel, industrial space with a minimalist vibe?

Designing a kitchen is a moveable feast; inspiration comes from unusual places, ideas are rarely linear, and you’ll find that the design of your dream kitchen grows organically from the solid preparation which underpins the whole process.

dream kitchen

You’ll have some strong ideas on the look and feel you want to create, but our expertise can really help you take your dream kitchen to the next level.  Sometimes we’ll be able to help with modifying your ideas to ensure the kitchen fits with the general vibe of your home.  We can help you create an in-between style; for instance, a modern twist on a heritage-style that might work better at a holistic level than your original idea.

Design expertise makes the difference

When it comes to choosing colours, materials, appliances – well this is the point during the design phase where it can all become very confusing. There are lots of design decisions to be made, and this is another area where working with Auchenblae can really help take the pressure off. Amanda has a wealth of experience, which will streamline the whole design process for you without compromising your vision.

Small moments of wonder

It’s the finishing touches which make the difference between a good kitchen design and a great one. Little sprinkles of genius can give your new kitchen the wow factor. Lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this.  With the right kind of lighting which gives you options depending on the time of night, the type of food you’re preparing, or the reason for a gathering, you can create any atmosphere that you want. Amanda’s fantastic eye for detail will help you find those small moments of wonder and make your dream kitchen a reality.

A tried and tested process

To get you where you want to be, we have a tried and tested process. Once pricing and schedule are agreed and your project is underway, ongoing communication throughout means that we can quickly deal with any problems which arise, adapt any design issues as necessary, and ensure we finish on time, on budget, and with no unpleasant surprises. Find out more about the Auchenblae design process here.

What are you waiting for?

When it comes to our homes, the kitchen’s the place to be. Your own dream kitchen is within your grasp.  This is one dream that you can realise with Auchenblae Design and Build. Check out some of our projects here.